How do we make our website more prominent on Google Search?

How do we make our website more prominent on Google Search?

Sam Gooch

Sam Gooch
17th September 2017

Today I answer the #asktheukdomain question from The Carousel Sweet Shop on how they can make their small business more prominent on Google Search.

I’ll cover:

• Local SEO including Google My Business and Google reviews
• Importance of having a consistent name, address and telephone number across all online channels.
• Where the opportunities are for including the shop location within meta tags
• Increasing citations and links
• Improving content

Video Transcript

♪ [music] ♪ Hello, and welcome to The UK Domain. Today’s question is from Nicki at The Carousel Sweet Shop based in Tewkesbury, and she asks, “How do we make our website appear more prominently in the Google search results?”

So as The Carousel Sweet Shop is a local shop based in Tewkesbury, they’re going to have to make use of local SEO. So, it’s important to obviously have a Google My Business page, which they do have at the moment. The one thing that I can recommend to try and beat their competition is to get more reviews. So currently, they have one review, and if you Google sweet shop, Tewkesbury, there’s one other person beating them with one of the reviews.

So, maybe people are coming to the shop who are happy with it, maybe some regulars, you could get them to write a quick review on Google and that could help you to jump up there. It’s very important to have a consistent name, address, and telephone number, so not only on your site but on your Facebook channel, any other social media channels, and any other other sort of directory websites.

So, I can see here that The Carousel hasn’t been consistent. So, we have the Google My Business page, includes the address, 112 High Street, Tewkesbury, GL20 5JY. Whereas the website has Nicki & Stuart Yapp, 112 and then it has Gloucestershire in the address as well. And then Facebook has a slightly different variation which puts the postcode before Gloucestershire.

So, these all need to be exactly the same. And the same goes for, like I said, Yell or any other directory you might be on. Another thing that’s very important for local SEO, as we talked about before, are meta tags. So, there are lots of opportunities to include your location within the meta tags. The title tag is the most important one. So, this needs to be unique on every page. I’d recommend using a format like this, so, a quick description of the page, like ‘Find Us’, and then your business name, The Carousel, and your location, Tewkesbury. So, make sure that’s for every page and it’s unique.

Next, is the meta description. So, this is the bit that appears within the search results. It’s like the actual description. And I would recommend using, well, again, including your business name and your address, but having a unique description of your page, making sure that’s under 160 characters, and that includes spaces. Otherwise, Google will cut that short.

Also, alt attributes are another way you can optimize with keywords. So, on one of your particular pages, you’ll have an image that you can describe, but you can also include the name of your company and the location. Again, it just reinforces the relevancy of your city or your town name in there.

Next on is the citation or links. So, this is anywhere that your website has been mentioned or your business has been mentioned online or may be linked to as well. It really helps to get these mentions. It really shows that you are, you know…that you’re a well-known business within the area. So you can actually do a little search. So, I just checked out Tewkesbury shops, which actually has 390 monthly searches, and then the results that came up from that were websites like, and there were lots of links in there, too, or lots of mentions of different shops around in Tewkesbury.

So, you can contact them and ask them to get a listing for yourself as well. Same for and These were just a few that I found very quickly, so there are lots out there. So moving on, we have the content. So, I noticed there isn’t actually much content on, so I would recommend perhaps making some service pages.

So, these could be ways of you to target these keywords like sweet shop Tewkesbury. Also, I notice that you’re a cafe as well. And this is the kind of thing that people will search for while they’re on the go. So, if you had a unique page for sweet shop Tewkesbury, you included a title tag, meta description, the URL could include the keywords in there as well, you could have an image in there with an alt attribute that contains the keywords.

The content itself, you’d obviously be talking about the cafe and that would help to reinforce the relevance of it. And again, the address, this seems to be included on every page, which is great. So, you can then do the same for your cafe, and the ice cream shop as well, and that would just give you a great way to target other people for these new services. Okay. Well, I hope that answers your question. Thank you very much.

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