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Video: A guide to local SEO

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Zoe Brown
Zoe Brown

Local search engine optimisation, or local SEO, could help your business connect with an audience at the exact moment they need, or are searching for, the product or service you offer in your local area.

There are plenty of easy optimisation tactics and techniques you can implement to improve your search rankings for local searches. By this we mean when someone searches for an “Indian takeaway” or “coffee shop” and are shown local establishments near to them, without having to specify a location.

Alongside some more detail into what local SEO is and how it works, we share ten optimisation tips to help your business appear in local search with insights into how to get started with each. We cover everything from adding town and county descriptions into your title tags, how to optimise your webpages for local search, creating locally focussed content, claiming your listing on search engines like Google My Business and how links, social media and reviews can play a part in improving your local SEO too.

You can find more helpful tips and insights into these optimisation tactics in our online guide here.

Zoe Brown

Zoe works as a Content Marketing Executive at the UK Domain. Previously working in advertising and the sporting industry, Zoe has over four years experience in marketing.

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