What can charities do to promote online events and increase sign ups?

What can charities do to promote online events and increase sign ups?

Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown
10th September 2017

In today’s #asktheukdomain video I look at four ways you can share and promote events to increase the number of sign ups, asked by Kasia Piekut.

These include:

1. Sharing across all social channels including considering some paid advertising.
2. Emailing existing customers/supporters offering them an incentive to sign up such as a discount or free gift.
3. Online advertising including banner advertising and Google AdWords.
4. Outreach including encouraging supporters of the charity to share and contacting websites that collate events relevant to yours.

Video Transcript

♪ [music] ♪ Welcome to the UK Domain. Today’s question comes from Kasia, and she’s asked, “What else can charities do to better promote online events and increase number of sign ups?” So, today I’m going to go through four areas that you can do that will hopefully help you to better promote your online event and also increase the number of sign ups that you receive.

So let’s start with social media. The obvious thing here is to share it across all of your channels. And if you can put some budget behind into some advertising, that would also be a good way to get a bigger reach and get it out to more people. So on Facebook you could look to target people via their interests, that you think would be interested in your event. So for example, if it’s a fun run, you could look to target people who are interested in running, etc.

And on Twitter, you could look to target other handles that you think your target audience for this event would be following as well. So that might be a handle of another fun run that’s similar or something like that. And also what’s really important is to ask people who have actually already signed up, to share that they have signed up to your online event, it’s great, and to try and get their friends and family involved as well.

So then we move on to email. So, if you have an email database of your customers that you have permission to email for marketing purposes, then you should really utilise this to promote your online event. Perhaps you could even offer them an exclusive offer like some money off if they have to pay to sign up for the online event or a freebie, just to kind of entice them, something that makes them feel like they’ve got a special offer there.

Online advertising. Again, if you’ve got some budget, you could look to do some banner advertising on other websites that you know the people that you are trying to target for your online event are going to visit. And if you can and if it’s relevant, have a look at some Google keywords as well. You will need to do a little bit of research for this. So make sure, for example, if you were doing a fun run and you put, “Best fun runs in Oxford”, whether that’s actually getting any search traffic. If it is, you could put some paid advertising behind it to make sure that your online event, your website, appears for that search term.

And then lastly, is outreach. So, this could be manual outreach, so making sure you’re going out to people either on Twitter or email that you think would be interested in your event, or people who could actually promote it for you. So maybe if you’ve got some supporters of your charities that are well-known, even celebrities, get them to kind of share that across their social channels. And also, there’s loads of websites out there that actually collect loads of information together. So have a look around and see if there’s a website, for example, for the fun run example again, that lists the top 10 fun runs to do in 2017. Contact them, speak to them about your event, and see if you can get listed on to there as well, with a direct link back to your website and the sign up for the online event, and that will also hopefully help to reach a much wider audience, because you’ll be getting that search traffic that, that website has essentially.

So there’s four quick ways that you could better promote your online event and hopefully increase the number of sign ups. And then importantly across all of these, is just to really think about your copy, think about your content, make sure that it’s compelling and engaging and interesting, and you’re actually asking people to get involved, asking people to share it as well to their audiences. So I hope that helps. If you’ve got any questions, please do ask us using #asktheukdomain on Facebook and Twitter, or head to our website where you can get in contact there. Thank you.

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