How can I attract more people to my Twitter account?

How can I attract more people to my Twitter account?

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood
6th September 2017

With so many brands and businesses on Twitter, how can you attract more followers and cut through the noise on the social platform?

As asked by Demijohn, I share my six top tips that all small businesses can do to encourage more people to follow and engage with their brand on Twitter. These are summarised below:

1. Add follower buttons to your website
2. Add your Twitter details to other collateral
3. Follow people
4. Ask for retweets
5. Join in conversations
6. Set up your Twitter bio for success

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Video Transcript ♪ [music] ♪ Hi, I’m Natalie from The UK Domain and today we’re answering the question from Demijohn, the liquid deli founded in 2004 and a family run business. They’ve asked us the question, “How can I attract more people to my Twitter account?”

So, there are so many brands and small businesses on Twitter, it’s a question that we all have, how do we get people to follow us and how do we make sure we cut through all the noise that goes on on Twitter? So I hope I can share with you a few tips that we use here at The UK Domain and hopefully will be helpful for you and your business too.

Number one, add follower buttons to your website. This is just simple follow icons or it could be you just simply mention on your “About Us” page and your “Contact Us” page to follow you on Twitter. You could also put it in the footer or even at the top at the menu. Whatever you do it just allows people that are visiting your website, particularly for new customers of yours, to let them know that you are on Twitter and you would like them to follow you.

Number two, add them to other collateral that you’re creating, so it could even be your business card, for example, you can just add once again a little Twitter icon and your “@” handle that just allows people to know that once they’re trying to get  hold of you that’s another way that they can do so.

Number three, follow people. So this sounds simple but you know it actually can be quite hard so first of all, I would create a list of all those people that you would like to connect with on Twitter and ideally would like to follow you. It could be your customers, it would be great to get feedback from your customers on Twitter too, so it could be another way for you to reach out to them and ask whether they enjoyed your product, ask them for a review.

Number four, ask for retweets, so it could be that you start up a competition and you simply…just one of the mechanisms for people to enter the competition, is that you ask them to retweet to enter. This could allow them to share it with their network and encourage their network to share that too, or you could just simply when posting a comment just put RT at the end of the message. For most Twitter users this allows them to know that you want them to share it.

Number 5, join in conversations. There’s lots of small business conversations, retail business conversations going on on Twitter, why not join in on these conversations? If anything, you’ll be networking with your peers, but also a good opportunity to spot a few new customers within that.

And number six, ultimately set up your Twitter bio for success. So just make sure that you have got your URL to your website and it’s clearly illustrated on your Twitter, make sure your bio is always up to date and you give people enough information about not only who you are as a business, but also in terms of why they should follow you in first place. What kind of content are they going to see from you? Make sure you make the most of the cover photo, a lot of small businesses don’t, and that’s not a problem if you don’t have an image straight away, but it’s actually some additional space to use your branding. Make sure that you use your correct logo, your most up to date logo that you use all across all of your websites, in stores and other things like that as your Twitter icon because this will be the first thing that people see alongside your tweet in their stream.

So I hope this helps to getting some more followers. ♪ [music] ♪