How can I use a website to support a YouTube channel?

How can I use a website to support a YouTube channel?

Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown
21st September 2017

For today’s #asktheukdomain video I look at why it’s important to set up a website to support a YouTube channel, answering the question from aspiring vlogger Grace.


• Using a website to get more people to your YouTube channel and watching your videos
• Optimising your website for SEO to get more traffic to your videos
• Controlling your personal brand using a website
• Showcasing yourself
• Appearing professional with your own online presence

Video Transcript

♪ [music] ♪ Welcome to the UK Domain. Today’s question comes from Grace Lilley and she wants to start a vlog, so has asked, “How can I use a website to support a YouTube channel?”

Great news you want to start a vlog. Alongside setting up your YouTube channel and thinking about what videos you want to produce, it’s definitely worth investing some time in creating a website as this can work to help to support your YouTube channel and your videos. In today’s Ask the UK Domain video, I’m going to go through a few reasons why and how this can work.

Number one, get people to find you and increase your traffic. So this works both ways. Your website can help get people to your YouTube channel and your YouTube channel can help get people to your website. And if you create your website to speak about you as a person and the story behind your videos and also collate all your videos into categories and showcase them all on that, this can be a great thing.

Also, you can think about optimising your website for SEO. So we spoke about this in a few previous videos, you can check those out for some tips there. But thinking about targeting some relevant terms, such as beauty videos or beauty blogger/vlogger, so that your website can appear there and then also so can your YouTube videos. YouTube is a massive place. It’s great for videos, but you will have some competition there. So having a website can also help get some people over to see your videos.

Secondly, control your brand. So, your website is your own personal…it’s your domain, it’s your space, so you can choose a WordPress theme or a free website theme that showcases who you are and you can really build up your own website. Put your videos on there, put your story on there, tell people about you and why they should follow you and watch your videos. And this kind of follows on showcase yourself. So your website is a great place to expand yourself as a vlogger, blogger, whatever you want to be. You could maybe think about, as well as videos, writing some actual blogs, reviewing some products potentially or telling your story as well.

And lastly, it makes you professional. Having your own domain, having your own online presence on a website is a great way to appear really professional. Combine this with your YouTube channel and you’ll be sure to get some followers in no time. I hope that helps. Good luck. ♪ [music] ♪

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