The roundup: Some of the coolest UK co-working spaces for small businesses and entrepreneurs

The roundup: Some of the coolest UK co-working spaces for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Rosie Hayes

Rosie Hayes
19th February 2018

Shiny spaces, swanky cafes, delectable restaurant food, and WiFi that doesn’t quit, it’s easy to see why people are flocking to shared spaces to get their work done.

New businesses and entrepreneurs often don’t have their very own office yet, so shared office spaces are becoming more and more attractive. Even if you’re an entrepreneur or own a small business that is established, shared office spaces can be a great idea, particularly if you primarily operate online or travel a lot. A shared working space is an alternative to working from home or from cafes, and demand for shared spaces doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Most shared spaces are flexible, clean, and you can find them in almost every city. On top of the flexibility of shared working spaces, it could potentially save a lot of money in comparison to running your own office, depending on which shared space you choose.

Due to the fact that the offices are shared, you can also meet other start-ups and like-minded people through working from a shared space. Further to these benefits, some shared office spaces have an aesthetic benefit of just being beautiful spaces to work in. If you are stimulated by your surroundings, a stunning shared space might help you to focus and continually be inspired.

I’ve put together a list of some charming shared spaces in the UK that may be useful for you:

The Clubhouse

An ultra-modern business club, this space has a wide range of facilities to support growing teams.

One Alfred Place

Based in London’s West End, this shared space requires a reference from an existing member to join.

Central Working

With a plethora of locations, this company meets all the shared space requirements necessary for businesses to thrive.


A stunning modern space in Manchester that oozes hipster appeal, whilst offering great amenities.

The Trampery

With a host of London offices, The Trampery has a clean, modern aesthetic.

Impact Hub

Impact Hub has global locations, and they all claim to be inspiring, vibrant, and functional.

Tech Hub

Tech Hub also has global locations, and are specifically aimed at startups and entrepreneurs.

Baltic Creative

A Liverpool based company offering modern and interesting spaces for creative types.

Campus North

A great Newcastle space committed to collaboration and community.

The Office Group

With multiple locations, this company claims to have pioneered the concept of shared office spaces in Britain.

Working from a shared space can be a perfect accompaniment to your online business. What’s the best shared space you’ve seen or worked from? Let us know on our social media pages.