Four great music websites

Four great music websites

The UK Domain

The UK Domain
16th March 2018

We’ve already looked at some inspiring websites of photographers, local communities, charities, web shops and restaurants. Now it’s the turn of bands, as we turn the spotlight on some fantastic websites from the world of music…

1. The Bluebird Belles

The 1940s-style female vocal harmony trio The Bluebird Belles have a wonderful website with photography that exudes the nostalgic charm of the era they’re inspired by.

The Bluebird Belles

On the homepage, a slider shows off some superb photos of the trio, while underneath is an introduction with the key “book now” call to action and an embedded video of one of their performances.

About The Bluebird Belles

The homepage also shows the group’s latest Instagram photos, with links to all their social media channels to make it easy for fans to find and follow them. Widgets give you the option to play a couple of their tracks, which cleverly keep playing even when you click onto a different page of the site.

Images of The Bluebird Belles

There’s more great photography on the other pages of the site, including the simple “Meet the Belles” page, which gives a brief introduction to each of the group members without going into too much detail.

The Bluebird Belles' profiles

With a friendly “Say Hello” page, as well as pages devoted to testimonials and a gallery with even more great pictures, the site does a fantastic job of promoting the group and evoking the atmosphere of the 1940s.

2. Hot Chip

Indie electronic band Hot Chip have a rather different vibe on their simple yet effective website, with kooky album cover photography dominating their homepage. Social media icons are found on the top right, prominent yet in keeping with the design, while the menu bar icon on the top left takes you to the other pages of the site. The two most important pages – the news page and details of where to see the band live – are also accessible from the links you can see on the album cover below.

Hot Chip Listen Without Piano Album Cover

There’s another fun twist to the Hot Chip site: each time you refresh the page, it’s a different background colour.

3. Ardeton String Quartet

A lovely example from the world of classical music, the Ardeton String Quartet website homepage features a slider with striking photography of the group with their instruments.

Ardeton String Quartet Homepage

Scrolling down the page, the slider images remain visible while more information appears, with text highlighting unique selling points such as “no hourly rate”. Three simple boxes give more information about the group’s key services, namely wedding music, corporate events and recording sessions.

Ardeton String Quartet Services Page - Weddings, corporate events and sessions and recordings

Below this is a longer introduction to the group, which adds a chunk of text to the page that may well help the site rank better in search engines. This is followed by a “why choose us” section, which gives potential clients some easy-to-read information about why they should book.

Why people choose The Ardeton String Quartet page

Embedded YouTube videos let visitors hear the quartet in action, while a clear series of boxes below this provides a helpful side-by-side comparison of what’s included in each of their packages.

Ardeton String Quartet Packages

There’s lots more information about the group and its members to be found by using the simple top navigation bar, including frequently asked questions and a set list to help visitors get a clear idea of what the group can offer.

4. !Daft!

Wedding band !Daft! has a party atmosphere as soon as you land on their fantastically comprehensive homepage, with a background video showing a continual loop of footage from the band’s wedding performances.

Daft! website homepage - Introducing Daft!

This is supported by a simple top navigation to take you straight to deeper pages of the site, along with social media icons and a large “Start Here” button, which scrolls down the page to the next section with some introductory copy over a striking image of the band in action. The subheading of this section is a clever combination of call-to-action and sales pitch: “Hire the best wedding and party band Berkshire has to offer”.

About Daft! page

As you scroll down the page, an online chat window remains in view. This can be opened for instant messaging should visitors want quick answers to any questions.

Daft! online chat service

Further down the page are clearly presented reasons to choose the band, with snappy copy that makes these USPs easy to read and digest. Some link to pages with more information, and this visual format is also seen on deeper pages, such as this one.

Daft! services page

There’s also an embedded YouTube video of the band performing, accompanied by a welcoming “let’s talk about your event” call-to-action button. Below this, the band’s tracks can be listened to on a SoundCloud playlist, and there’s even more great content in the form of a video testimonial, Facebook comments from happy customers, and the band’s latest blog posts and images.

Daft! video screenshot

Client and venue logos and live gig details add further interest to the page, before the main “Let’s talk about your event” section inviting potential customers to get in touch. But that’s still not the end of the page. The band then acknowledges that customers might not be ready to contact them yet, offering them the chance to find out more about their services.

Daft! event types page

There’s even more great content as you delve deeper into the site, from video and written testimonials to a nicely designed blog.

If you’ve been inspired by these fantastic websites, take a look at our guide to getting online to get started with one of your own.

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