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GDPR compliance and small businesses: video chat with our legal expert

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The UK Domain
The UK Domain
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Even over a year on from the introduction of new GDPR regulations in the EU, the legislation still remains something of a hot topic in the business world. With the likes of British Airways being fined over £183m by the ICO after hackers gained access to the data of over half a million customers, and big hotel chain Marriott being fined almost £100m for a data breach of 339 million guests, it’s no wonder smaller businesses are still finding GDPR daunting.

What if you don’t have millions of customers however? Although keeping your customer data safe and remaining compliant with GDPR legislation is of upmost importance and priority, it can be a confusing maze for small businesses to find relative information to their company size when it comes to the law.

We asked our General Counsel & Head of Stakeholder Relations at Nominet, Nick Wenban-Smith to have a chat to us about GDPR in relation to small businesses specifically. Alongside discussing the latest in GDPR and whether we can expect to see any more fines over the next 12 months, Nick explains the relative penalties for smaller organisations and demystifies the legislation for micro businesses and sole traders.

The information in this video is for general guidance about data protection rules and is not legal advice. We have tried to ensure that this guidance is accurate and relevant as at September 2019. However, Nominet UK will not accept liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising as a consequence of any use of or the inability to use any information contained in this guidance.
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