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How do I generate traffic with no marketing budget?

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The UK Domain
The UK Domain

In November’s first #asktheukdomain video, Peter answers the question ‘how do I generate traffic with no marketing budget’. 

Many small businesses and startups have little to no budget to spend on their marketing so how to increase website traffic is a question that gets asked a lot.

First, Peter defines the difference between time and cost. Something may seem “free” but it still costs time, and when you account for salary (if an employee) or value of time (if an owner), then we quickly see that we need to account for time spent in the same critical way as advertising £ spent.

For the second point, Peter stresses that ‘marketing is an investment, not an expense.’ Money in should equal money out. So even when little budget is available, if businesses concentrate on highly converting paid channels such as PPC and some forms of Facebook advertising, positive ROI can be achieved.

Finally, Peter addresses the organic (“free”) channels available to the small business, focusing on SEO, social media, and email marketing. Fuelling all of these is content. So if you have time but little budget, get these things right and, hopefully, you’ll start having the luxury of being able to invest in paid media too.

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