How do we get more people to view our posts on Facebook?

How do we get more people to view our posts on Facebook?

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood
9th September 2017

Getting people to see your posts on Facebook is a challenge for all businesses of all sizes, so in today’s #asktheukdomain video I look at some ways you can increase the reach of your posts, as asked by Sally from The Cake Shop in Oxford.

My tips include looking at the optimum times to post on Facebook, encouraging your existing fans to share and using paid advertising.

Video Transcript

♪ [music] ♪ Hi, I’m Natalie from “The UK Domain” and today’s question comes from Sally, from The Cake Shop in Oxford, and their question is, “How do we get more people to view our posts on Facebook?”

To be honest, it’s a challenge. It’s a challenge that all businesses of all sizes have because Facebook’s algorithm keeps changing and along with that it becomes very difficult for us to get organic reach and visibility of our posts on Facebook.

One thing that you can certainly look at is the optimal time that you should be posting, so you can look within analytics and you can actually look to see when your fans are most likely to be online and then adjust the times that you are posting your content on Facebook to those.

You can also have a look at encouraging your fans to share, so it could be that you offer them an incentive so, you know, “Share this Facebook post and you may win a free cake.” It could be that you look at that in order to reach a new audience and also to make sure that other people engage with your post.

But to be honest, the most way that you’ll get the best impact on Facebook and increase visibility more quickly, is actually to use Facebook’s Business Manager and use paid advertising. There’s lots and lots of articles there online that you look for from Facebook themselves and other resources that will really walk you through step by step instructions on how to set up a Facebook ad.

Well, I’m just going to just give you a few tips that might help you and may get you started. So the first page on Facebook is, on Business Manager, you will be prompted to set up your objective, for example, you could choose reach. Reach will help you raise awareness of you in the local area, so it could be within Oxford and Banbury, you could set up an advert, and purely just promoting the fact that your business is there and where it’s located.

Traffic is another objective you could use. So for this objective, primarily the objective is for you to get traffic through to the website so it could be promoting some of the existing cakes that you’ve done for example. We’re really trying to encourage click-throughs to the website and at that point, it may be that you can encourage users to go onto the contact us page and so forth.

The next one could be Store Visit, so this is really about trying to drive foot fall in the local area, so definitely one I think you should look at. Or it could simply be for engagements. If your primary objective is to get likes and comments on your Facebook posts, why not use that one? That would be the best objective for you to try.

Once you go through to the next screen, once you’ve chosen that objective, you’ll be prompted to set your target and demographic, so you can use anything from your location, particularly key. For you, obviously that’s The Cake Shop company but for other local retailers and businesses too. You can also select your demographics, so it could be that you’re particularly wanting to target males, females within a certain age range maybe.

But you also get additional interests too, it could be that you could target people that are interested in baking, particularly if that you’re looking to promote tools and equipment that you’ve got for keen bakers and then you also get to set your budget and the time you want the ad to run. 

So if this is something that’s new to you, I’d recommend that you simply start with something around £10, £20 and try the advert for maybe two to three days, see how it goes, see how it performs and then you can adjust your budget, you can restart the ad, you can duplicate the ad or even maybe set up a new ad if this works for you and your business. But whatever you try, good luck. ♪ [music] ♪