How do we get all our services listed in Google?

How do we get all our services listed in Google?

Sam Gooch

Sam Gooch
4th September 2017

In our next #asktheukdomain video I answer the question from Computer Assistance – offering IT Support in Oxford, who asked what you can do to get all your services listed on Google.

Focusing on local SEO for businesses, I’ll talk you through the importance of ranking for search queries with local intent and how a Google My Business account can help you to appear in the local pack search results.

Learn some tricks on how to optimise your pages for local search in order to target searches in specific cities and build links to your service pages. Repeat these steps for each individual service webpage and you’ll be on your way to getting all your services listed on Google.

♪ [music] ♪ Hello and welcome to the UK Domain. Today’s question comes from Cathren at Computer Assistance. They’re an Oxford-based computer repair company, but they don’t just offer computer repairs. They offer lots of different services. So Cathren’s question was, “How do we get all of our services listed in Google?”

So that’s a great question. Obviously, they are a local company so it makes sense that they make the most of local SEO. So you’re probably quite familiar with this result here. This is a result with local intent. So if you’re based in a city, let’s say Oxford for now, and you search for apple repair oxford, laptop repairs or laptop repair Oxford, you expect to see results that are based…or companies based in Oxford.

So here you have the map, you have a few dots in there with the company associated with them. You might have a few results down here. These are known as the local pack results. You get a bit of information here about, say, reviews, you’ll get some stars associated with those. This all comes from Google My Business. So I see that Computer Assistance is on Google My Business, which is great. But if anybody else watching this isn’t, it’s a really great resource to tap into and it will allow you to get in these kinds of results.

So you have the more traditional results down here. They’re often related to the city that you’re in as well because you have local intent in the search there as well. So how do you actually get these to…or your service pages to show up in Google? So let’s just start with the laptop repair Oxford service. So you’ve got lots of different services, but you can basically repeat this process across all of them and have a new page for each one, but I’m going to focus on this one for now.

So making sure that the city name is in the different elements of the web page is very important. So here, we have the title tag up here, as well right at the top of the page. So if we include laptop repair Oxford in there, that’s going to really help out. That’s a very important ranking factor. If you can, in the URL as well, it’d be useful because the URL is going to give some description to users and Google of what to expect from the page. So here we’ve got your URL /laptop-repair-oxford. We’ve got the H1 tag one here. It’s important you have just one single H1 tag on each page, and that should be your top, primary keyword, so in this case, laptop repair Oxford. We have the content here, making sure that the keyword appears in there as well.

We have image, so this could be an image of your company repairing laptops. So it would make sense to include the term in there again. So we’re basically just reinforcing this term across all of the elements of the page. You’ve also got the meta description as well, which does not actually appear on the page, but it appears in the actual search results. So including that in there as well. It’s not actually going to help you to rank better, but it’s probably going to improve the click-through rate because when a searcher searches for laptop repair Oxford, they’ll show up in bold and it will just make sure that it’s very… it will show that it’s very relevant to you for your search.

So as I said, you want to repeat this for each of your service pages. So you’ve got…so maybe you’ve got web design Oxford and you’ve got all of this around web design Oxford. And then also, links are very important for local SEO, and you can get links from local directories, which you shouldn’t really have to pay for. Occasionally you do but they can help you out. If you are going after directories, make sure that whenever you enter your business details, they’re always very consistent throughout. So if you put your phone number in in a certain format, make sure it always appears in the same format, and your address as well, always make sure it’s the same.

You can also get links from other places. So you could try to be a bit creative with it. You could potentially sponsor an event or sponsor a local business or local charity, or you could try and go a little bit further and offer potentially a discount to students. Because if a university is going to link to… well, universities have pages sometimes that show you all of the discounts available for their students, if you can get a link from there, then that’s just really, really great. So yeah, as I said, just keep repeating this process for all of your service pages and that should get you ranking in no time. Hope that answers your question. Thank you. ♪ [music] ♪