How to drive more traffic to your website from social media

How to drive more traffic to your website from social media

The UK Domain

The UK Domain
6th February 2017

When you get the hang of it, social media has huge potential to grow the traffic to your website. Getting to know what works for your business will be a matter of trial and error, but there are a few things to keep in mind to help you grow your traffic from day one. Here are our top tips for converting social media viewers into clicks to your website.

Get your posts seen by more people

The obvious way to drive more social media traffic to your website is to get your social media posts in front of more people. Doing this means understanding that social media is a two-way process in which you get as much out as you put in; follow and engage with people and they’ll follow and engage with you. Assuming that you’re exploring this idea, it’s acceptable to ask your followers for retweets (‘RTs’) on Twitter, and likes on Facebook – tagging on a ‘RT/like if you agree’ to a statement, for example. This will widen your audience to your followers’ followers and therefore boost your potential for clicks to your website.

Using relevant popular hashtags can also grow your audience considerably. For example, if you’re posting about something that’s in the news – for example, the Great British Bake Off – find out the most popular hashtags (such as #GBBO) and include them in your post so that others posting about it may see it and take an interest in you.

Another option for getting your posts in front of more people is to consider taking out paid social media advertising, which we’ve touched on in a previous post. Facebook advertising is particularly effective, allowing you to ‘boost’ a post so that it reaches more of your fans and their friends. If you have any offers or discounts, you can also promote clicks to your website using Facebook’s ‘Offer Claim’ feature – a special kind of Facebook advert that gives you the option of sending visitors directly to your website with an offer code to take advantage of your deals.

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Capture your readers interest

Growing the audience of your posts is only half the story when you’re using social media to encourage clicks to your website. You’ll also have to think carefully about your wording if you’re to entice people to click. Don’t give too much away when you share a link to your new blog post or page; the aim is to tease the content, with a view to getting readers to click on the link and read the rest of the content on your website. From there, they may end up exploring other pages on your site, and perhaps even buying from you if you offer products for sale on your website.

To that end, your social media posts should capture the reader’s interest to inspire them to read more. Be sure to include a call to action encouraging them to click through to your website; for example, for this post, we might write, “Want to get more traffic from social media? Read today’s post for some insider secrets!”. You can experiment with different post formats to see what works best with your audience; for example, you could pose a question or ask for their opinion – “which is your favourite?”.

Measure and learn

Some of your posts will drive more traffic than others, so experimentation is important. Looking at the insights you get from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and from Google Analytics, you should be able to work out which types of posts do better at driving traffic. There may be certain topics that perform well, for instance, or it could be that posts with photos are more successful. Posts with photos and videos typically attract greater engagement, which will also mean your post gets seen by more people as it gets liked, retweeted and shared. The length of your posts could make a difference, too, so keep an eye on the performance of longer posts relative to shorter ones.

Unfortunately there isn’t one magic way to increase website clicks via social media, different tactics work for different audiences and on different social media platforms. However, as you start to learn what works and using the tips above, you can start to focus on what you know increases website clicks. You could even spot new opportunities to use social media advertising to boost the more popular posts to an even bigger audience, resulting in even more clicks.