How important is it to keep the content on my website fresh?

How important is it to keep the content on my website fresh?

Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown
26th September 2017

Today, I answer the #asktheukdomain question: “How important is it to keep the content on my website fresh?”.

The short answer is it’s very important to keep your website content fresh and up to date, and in today’s video I’ll outline four main reasons why it is so vital.


1. Keeping loyal and new customers updated
2. Keeping essential information up to date (e.g. contact information) – especially important for businesses with a physical shop
3. Engaging with potential customers using fresh content and sharing across other platforms
4. SEO advantages

Video Transcript

♪ [music] ♪ Today’s Ask the UK Domain question comes from Mike via email. And he’s asked, “How important is it to keep the content on my website fresh?” The short answer is it’s very important to make sure that your content on your website is fresh and up to date, but in today’s video, I’m going to go through four reasons why it is just so important.

Number one, keep your audience updated. So this goes for new loyal customers who are regularly visiting your website to find out what’s new with your business, or what products you’ve just launched. And also new customers who come into your website for the first time to find out about your business and what you offer. Making sure all your content is fresh and up-to-date will give a really good impression, and hopefully, help them find what they’re looking for.

This also links with my second point here, which is get customers. And this is especially important if you have a physical retail shop, or somewhere that you want customers to come and visit you. Making sure that this information is up-to-date is vital, as how are they going to come find you or contact you. So if you change your telephone number, make sure it’s updated straight away onto your website. If you change your opening times, again, make sure it’s straight away updated, and this goes for things like bank holidays as well. Make sure you display this really clearly as people will be looking for it.

Number three, engage customers. How many times have you visited a business website and seen that their blog hasn’t been updated for over a year? What impression does this give you? Unfortunately, most of the time, we’ll just hit the back button and carry on searching. So making sure that you have fresh content is a great way to engage with potential customers. Also, it gives you some great content to share across other platforms as well. So make the most of your updated blog and share it across Twitter or Facebook to attract customers too.

Number four, lastly SEO. Having fresh content is great for SEO. It means that Google is more likely to crawl your pages more regularly, and this will help new content get picked up quickly. Also, fresh content equals new content, and this will help to attract traffic through the keywords.

I hope that’s helped. If you have a question, don’t forget to ask us using #asktheukdomain. Thank you. ♪ [music] ♪