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Ultimate guide to online reviews

Online reviews are a huge factor in the consumer decision-making process, with an estimated 86% of consumers reading local reviews to decide if a business is any good. But not only do they help with your online reputation, they also go a long way to improve your visibility in search rankings online. Some quick stats: 95% […]

Charlotte Jenkins

As a small business, should I be hosting events?

There are many ways SMEs can reach out to prospects and maintain relationships with existing customers. From posting on social media, attending networking events, having a great website and creating an app to sending out emails, listing themselves in directories, blogging, newspaper and radio advertising, sending out free gifts and running Google AdWords – the […]

Monique Holtman

Using gated content to improve marketing opportunities

If you are like every other business out there, roaming in the wilderness of the internet, you are constantly looking for ways to increase your brand awareness, develop leads and find new customers. There are many such methods including leveraging social networks, advertising through more conventional media streams such as radio and TV, or simply […]

Oliver Kennett

Building guidelines for customer service on social media

The kettle is boiling, the teabag lounges in the bottom of the cup, and the milk bottle is poised beside it like a decanted ghost. I drum my fingers on the kitchen counter and then reach for my phone. I first check Twitter. Earlier I sent a tweet to my phone provider asking about an […]

Oliver Kennett

Five number-tweaking tips to make your prices more attractive

Most businesses put a lot of effort into their sales pages. They agonise over the layout, the colours, the words, and the call-to-action. But the prices attached to their products and services don’t usually get the same attention. It’s easy to assume that prices are static – they’re based on your costs and your profits, […]

Ed Palmer

How to keep email leads warm between campaigns

Email campaigns are a fantastic way to generate new business and get more out of existing customers. What happens in between campaigns, however? While you don’t want to risk frustrating people by bombarding them with frequent communications, you also don’t want them to think you’ve forgotten about them and to then lose them to a […]

Monique Holtman

6 powerful inventory tools for your small business

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re running a product-heavy business. Between shipping, storage, audits, and recalls, there’s a huge amount of data flying back and forth on a daily basis. And if you’re still running a wholesale, distribution, or manufacturing business on paper and spreadsheets, I’ve got some good news for you: There’s a […]

Ed Palmer

How to prove and improve the ROI of your paid social media

Marketers spend a lot of time thinking about ROI. To make a profit, it’s crucial to know which tools, channels, strategies are most cost-effective and where savings can be made. But, calculating any kind of ROI is easier said than done, especially when it comes to social media. Given the many and varied benefits social […]

Charlotte Jenkins

Mind the gap: How and why to align your business’s sales and marketing endeavours to drive growth

If your business is growing rapidly, your sales and marketing departments need to work together in order to drive sales and expand your reach. However, a lack of communication and shared ownership across your sales and marketing efforts is a common problem within businesses of all sizes, and one that is holding many businesses back […]

Polly Kay