Love in human action: unique ways of donating to charity for altruistic businesses

Love in human action: unique ways of donating to charity for altruistic businesses

Rosie Hayes

Rosie Hayes
7th March 2018

Recently, some members of our marketing team took part in a Christmas charitable activity by whistling along to some famous Christmas songs. We got given boxes of crackers, and inside the crackers there was a host of numbered whistles with number sheets for the songs. We had to play along with the whistles as best we could to the numbers as a team, and the video was recorded and entered into a competition in which the winning team won a donation to their chosen charity. With no practice, our efforts were both merry and hilarious. This is just one example of how there are unique ways to give back, and that participation or donation can be both fun and rewarding.

Niall Scott has written in his book on altruism that: “Almost everyone wants to be an altruist, and most of us lament the fact that we are not more altruistic than we are.” This is especially pertinent to young people whose sense of social and moral responsibility seems to be a fundamental concern. Couple the growing awareness of human impact with the potential tax benefits for businesses, and taking positive action to benefit something outside of the individual seems like an easy decision.

If you own a small business or are an entrepreneur, you might want to be altruistic. However, even if you’re morally motivated, it’s sometimes hard to know the right way to give with so many options out there. The ways in which you can donate have increased dramatically due to technological advancements, and the number of organisations needing donations has only risen due to the emergence of multitudinous small charities. When you hear of large corporations making huge donations it might seem as if your efforts won’t matter, but there are so many ways to give back that make a difference. With so many options, there is some kind of human action available to you that will allow you to participate in an altruistic cause.

Here are some ways of donating that might enable you to choose or find the right way for you:

  • Amazon Smile lets you choose a charitable organisation, and donate a small percentage to that charity every time you make an eligible purchase. This is only a tiny percentage, but every small contribution helps when it comes to supporting a good cause.
  • Likewise, online shopping malls such as GoodShop,, and let you set aside a portion of your spend to their affiliated charities and schools. Fashion channel Global Good Partners provide sustainable jobs for women.
  • If you care less about fashion, you might want to invest in The Nature Conservancy’s amazing products including donations to threatened wildlife habitats. You also get a cool gift pack when you donate. What’s not to love?
  • Free Rice is a website run by the United Nations World Food Programme that has an easy quiz section. Every time you answer correctly, the rice adds up and contributed towards those in need of food.
  • Donate your credit card rewards. If you collect any kind of credit card points, why not convert those into a donation? Loyalty points go to waste every year, so giving them to a charity makes complete sense. 
  • Charity Miles is an app that lets you earn money for charity as you move. If you’re having trouble finding an incentive to get into better shape, this might be it. It doesn’t have to be individual, why not set up a regular team event using this programme at your workplace? Or use it for your commute and have a little friendly competition? Goodgym does a similar thing, giving participants a reason to run.
  • Join a collaboration event, like the ones run by Good for Nothing. They have a list of challenges and events centred around social issues.
  • Exchange echoes in the Economy of Hours. Trade without money is an interesting concept, especially when time is valued equally. Echo lets you buy and sell your time and skills.
  • Donate your crafting projects. If you or your team engage in any form of creative crafting, local charities may be grateful for your completed craft projects.
  • Run, walk, cycle, ski (and more) for a good cause. If you’re sporty or like push yourself physically, then you could engage with some of the vast amount of challenges across the world. The site Charity Challenge (linked) lists lots of different challenges, and the level of difficulty.
  • Give time by volunteering. This may be something that you choose to do individually, or something that you incorporate into your job. Many companies offer volunteering days for staff, and some companies even match contributions to charities if their staff have donated or raised funds.
  • Donate unwanted goods, or shop at charity shops. With charities like Oxfam and the British Heart Foundation having a presence on most prominent shopping high streets, you’re sure to be able to find somewhere local that you can give to, or shop from.

If you want to see a list of different types of charities in the UK, check out this link which will take you to Charity Choice’s handy categorisations.

Have you found a really unique way of donating? Let us know on our social media accounts.