Why you should use live streaming for your business

Why you should use live streaming for your business

Rosie Hayes

Rosie Hayes
22nd January 2018

Live streaming is a useful method for any size business and can be utilised for a range of purposes. Although initially live streaming might have appeared both fleeting and faddish, it continues to be a popular option used through different services, quashing its early status as a mere novelty. Expanding on video marketing, live streaming has added a further participatory facet to business communications very much in alignment with customer expectations as interlocutors, an expectation enabled and enhanced by social media and interactive websites.

Some of the most popular channels for live streaming include Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Livestream, and Periscope. Some live streaming options allow you to keep the video after the streaming event, so that your efforts aren’t lost in the ether, and the video can also be repurposed. Depending on your goals, live streaming may be an interesting approach to employ. Whether your business is just you or a larger team, the benefits work either way.

Here are some of the benefits of using live streaming:

It’s inexpensive

Live streaming is low to no cost. All you really need to do it is a stable internet connection and a decent camera. Once you have those, all it takes is the time to do the live stream. Make sure that you have a good connection if you are streaming from a different location than usual.

Behind the scenes

Business transparency is a growing concern for customers, who have higher expectations for businesses with regards to issues such as ethics and environmentalism. Offering behind the scenes streaming can be an effective way to show processes and interactions that are normally hidden from the customer view, such as production. If you have received crowdfunding, this could be a good way to showcase the outcome. Transformations like a before and after can also make a good concept for broadcasts. Business transparency can contribute to customer trust, so showcasing your integrity through your live streaming can remove potential traces of doubt about conduct and authenticity. 

Educational options

Live streaming for educational purposes can be beneficial for your business and audience. For your viewers, it enables them to learn something new or build upon their existing skills, but for you and your business, it helps to secure your place as an authority in the field. By sharing useful knowledge, you offer something of value, thus the live stream acts as a vehicle for expressing and solidifying your expertise. Options for educational output through a live stream could include webinars, Q&A sessions, how to guides, or seminars.

Customer community

Customers can interact easily with live streams, and most have comment functions. Some live streaming choices will even allow customers to interact with each other’s comments, transforming the live stream to a living forum. By allowing customers to interact with your business and each other, a community can be forged. This is an addition to the benefit of having a closer connection between customer and business, so you may want to investigate other ways that customers can engage with each other post-live stream, such as following your company’s social media accounts.


This is another way to make your business more accessible and less elusive. Whether your business is attending an event or conference, or actually participating as guest speakers, live streaming can go beyond the generic view of an event and make it more personal to viewers. Your viewers will obviously be interested in your company and your part in the event, so live streaming your company’s experience there will be much more relevant to your audience. The immediacy of this output means that some of your viewers may even be attendees who you can say hello to in person during your live stream. Your part in the wider whole is what will make your event live stream more interesting to your viewers.

Be sure to follow up all comments and questions from viewers during the live stream. Some of the information that is brought to light can be very revealing about your customers, and allow you to engage with them and make any necessary positive changes as a result of their input. Live streaming is a cost-effective way to tighten the business to customer bond and increase engagement that may help you to attain business goals.