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Video: SEO tips for new websites

1 minute read

Zoe Brown
Zoe Brown

If you’ve just launched a new website, you might now be wondering how to get people to visit it. One of the best ways to boost your web traffic is through search engine optimisation, SEO, which is the practice of making improvements and implementing tactics to improve your site’s position in search engines, like Google.

If that all sounds a little scary, don’t worry! This video covers the basics of SEO and shares five top tips to help you start climbing those search engines and getting the right people to your new website.

Covering tactics like keyword research, including the differences between head terms and long tail keywords and how to optimise your webpages through on-page SEO, we also provide an introduction to technical SEO and link building.

You can find out more about how to get started with SEO in our online guide, which provides more practical advice on the above tips plus extras you can try.

Zoe Brown

Zoe works as a Content Marketing Executive at the UK Domain. Previously working in advertising and the sporting industry, Zoe has over four years experience in marketing.

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