Who’s winning the patent wars?

Who’s winning the patent wars?

Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown
28th February 2019

New ideas, innovative products, upgrades and technological advancements are being generated at a much faster rate in this modern era; consumers are constantly looking for the next ‘must have’ product or upgrade. And the data backs this, between 1995 and 2015, the number of patents granted in the US soared by 186%. We’ve uncovered which companies, both Tech Giants and Unicorns, have been innovating the fastest using 40 years’ worth of data.

See who’s winning the patent wars here. Here are some of the names to watch out for:

  • Samsung tops the Tech Giants table, registering a staggering 138,934 patents, more than double of Microsoft.
  • Facebook sits lower down the table, registering a modest 3,475 patents.
  • Data processing takes the title of the most innovative area in technology, with nearly a fifth of patents registered by all tech giants falling into the category.
  • Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft between 2000-2014, tops the table for the most patents registered underneath his leadership.
  • Netflix takes the title of most patents registered in the Unicorns table, registering 195 patents.
  • Uber follows Netflix with 182 patents, followed by Spotify (179) and Snap (154).

You can view all the data here.