Working at home with children: Six helpful online resources

Working at home with children: Six helpful online resources

Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown
25th March 2020

Many small business owners, freelancers and employees are having to adapt to a new way of working life, as stricter guidelines on leaving the house and travelling to work are put into place to help the fight against Coronavirus.

For those of us working from home, the school closures present a slightly different challenge, one where suddenly you’ve got a battle between your business (especially as a business owner) and your family.

Juggling working from home and keeping your kids entertained can be hard work. That’s why we’re going to share six creative online resources that offer free activities for children, whether you need some time to quickly check your emails or if you’re looking for inspiration to have some fun in-between school activities.

1. Scouts: The Great Indoors

The Scouts have put together a collection of over 100 free activities on their website, helping to keep children from 6-18 years entertained in ‘The Great Indoors’. From learning new photography skills to making bookmarks, there’s plenty of educational, creative and fun activities to choose from.

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2. BBC Teach and BBC Bitesize

The BBC website is home to both Teach and Bitesize, online platforms full of free educational videos, guides and audio resources for school children aged 5-16.

Whether you need some support with continuing your children’s learning at home or you’re looking for something educational while you make a quick work call, there are hundreds of videos to choose from, covering a range of subjects from history to literacy and science.

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3. Joe Wick’s morning PE lessons

Fitness guru Joe Wicks is taking to YouTube at 9am every weekday morning to teach a PE lesson. Get your kids moving and hopefully get rid of some of that excess energy with the 30-minute workouts, plus they’re a great way to start the day!

You’ll also find other videos on the YouTube channel with a whole playlist dedicated to kid’s workouts at home.

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There’s also plenty of other online options when it comes to getting in some exercise as a family. Popular fitness brand LesMills offers online exercise classes for children in their ‘Born to Move’ programme, some of which you can try online for free.

4. Tynker coding

Coding is pretty cool, so it makes a great educational (and fun) activity for kids of all ages.

Tynker is one of the top coding platforms for children, offering online courses to help kids gain coding skills from home, from introductory lessons to game design and programming. Plus, they’re offering free access to some premium coding courses during the school closures too.

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5. YoungMinds

Although not a resource based around activities or keeping children busy at home, YoungMinds, the children’s and young people’s mental health charity, offers support and help on how to talk to your child or children about Coronavirus.

The fight against Coronavirus has brought changes for children too, many of which will be unsettling. While it’s important to try and keep them busy and in good spirits during the uncertainty, talking to your children and being able to answer their questions about what’s happening is just as essential.

YoungMinds offers advice directly for young people and also provides advice and guidance for parents and carers, all of which is being updated regularly.

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6. Hobbycraft’s Daily Kids Craft Club

Crafting retailer Hobbycraft are sharing fun creative projects in their Daily Kids Craft Club. From colouring activities to pom-pom making, you can find creative ideas on their website with free downloadable colouring sheets and step-by-step crafting instructions.

The Hobbycraft team are also taking to social media at 11am every day from Monday to Saturday to share these daily creative projects to help keep your children busy.

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Finding what works for you

However you are structuring your days, whether you have a timetabled approach or are just taking each day as it comes, remember that there are thousands of families in the same position across the country and the globe.

These are just a few useful online resources that could help you in one part of this new working world. You could even take some of these activities as inspiration for other projects, such as encouraging your children to develop their blogging skills by writing about their experiences during this piece of global history.

You can find out more about minimising the impact of Coronavirus on your small business, while Business in the Community and Acas have further information on running a business during this time.