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Compare the market

Compare the market

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See the latest deals

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Backed by the experts

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Domains are available to purchase from many different domain name providers, also known as registrars. Compare them one by one by visiting their respective website or use the search box above to compare the best deals from our pre-qualified select group of 20+ domain name providers.
Due to the nature of domain names, it is not currently possible to permanently buy a domain name. However, certain registrars offer the chance to purchase the right to a domain name for 10+ years.
Buy a domain name by searching to see if it's available using the search box above, this will help you compare the best deals. If your preferred domain name is available then choose your domain name provider (registrar) by selecting the best deal for you, before finally completing the registration process on your chosen registrar’s website.
Due to the operating costs of domain names, domain extensions such as .co.uk or .uk are not available for free.

However, many website builders offer free subdomains (e.g. https://www.yourwebsitename.yourwebsitebuildersname.co.uk). Typically, we see businesses who start with a free website domain name, purchase a domain name later on to gain the brand benefits that come with it.
.co.uk is the original UK domain name, a great choice for business and enterprise in the UK, .org.uk is ideal for charities, fundraising and social causes, .me.uk is great for personal blogs, portfolios, hobbies and talents and finally .uk is a shorter version of .co.uk for businesses and individuals.
Make sure your domain name reflects what you do (indicates what your website is about), is memorable (easy to remember and type) and futureproof (no dates, etc.!).
Renewing your domain name is a simple process between you and your domain name provider (your registrar).

They will likely email you before your registration is due to let you know what you need to do to renew and keep your domain name. If you've not heard from your registrar and have a domain name with a .UK extension (.co.uk or .uk) enter your details at: https://www.nominet.uk/whois/ to discover when it expires and who your registrar is.
If you have a domain name you’d like to transfer to someone else, sign into your Online Services account and follow the instructions detailed here. If you wish to transfer your domain name provider (registrar), contact the registrar who you want to transfer to and they'll provide you with the information you need to proceed.
Following GDPR, by default, any name and address linked to your domain name are hidden from public view (even if you're a business). It's still possible to make this visible, e.g. if you want to sell your domain, but you'd need to configure this via your domain name provider (registrar).
Most domain name providers (registrars) offer free email addresses, typically these can be set-up within a hosts control panel. To find out more contact your registrar directly.
Assuming you have a domain name with .UK in the extension (e.g. .co.uk or .uk), enter your details at: https://www.nominet.uk/whois/ to discover when it expires and who your domain name provider is.

We're run by Nominet, not a single registrar

Nominet make the link between your .UK domain and your website work, officially this means we are the guardians of the .UK domain name registry. Because of this we're obliged to treat all domain name providers (registries) on equal footing, however this made the question: 'Which domain name provider should I choose?' very tricky for us to answer.

We knew a solution must exist, so we sat down, created a rigid checklist and presented the registries the challenge: achieve everything on this checklist and you'll be eligible to be featured on this page. 20+ and counting have taken us up, passed and are now shown here, allowing people just like you to compare registries and deals quickly and easily to find the domain just right for you.

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