UK Domain Spinner Criteria

You must meet the following criteria to be added to the UK Domain spinner:  

1. You must be an Accredited Channel Partner (ACP). 

2. You must sell domains direct to the public, i.e. have a customer facing website where .UK ending domains can be purchased. 

3. Your website must pull through and pre-populate the domain name searched for on i.e. the query string must be pulled through as specified below and for reporting purposes this needs to have ‘domain=‘within it. For example: 

  • The first page a prospective registrant lands on must pull through the string (domain name) searched for on our UK Domain spinner. This page can either be:   
    • A dedicated landing page displaying only .UK ending domains with no competing TLDs; or 
    • A cart/basket with only .UK ending domains offered and no competing TLDs in the cart. 
  • When a prospective registrant lands on one of these pages they should not be required to re-enter the domain query.  

4. You must offer a .UK Domains only option. There must be a mechanism for prospective registrants (leads from our spinner) to choose to register a domain only. You can offer packages or bundles, but these must be represented as add-ons in the customer journey rather than forcing the prospective registrant to select a package before registering the domain. 

5. You must offer a mechanism for a registrant to use the domain by either offering the following services yourself or providing clear information on how a registrant can access these services: 

  • Secure hosting services 
  • A means to build and publish a website – these can either be self-serve template packages or personal bespoke website design services. 

6. You must provide a customer support contact line or / and webchat i.e. a means for a customer to contact you for support; if this is via a call then there must be an English-speaking customer support representative available. 

7. You must offer pricing in £ Sterling although other currency option(s) may be provided at the checkout point. 

8. You are not permitted to have more than two brands under the same account or more than two brands under a group of linked accounts with Nominet on the UK Domain spinner at any time. 

9. At the point of signing up for the UK Domain spinner, you must provide the following:  

  •  A high-resolution image of your logo (recommended minimum height 300px) 
  • A max 20-word description of your company 
  • A list of services you provide 
  • The domain price point you would like us to display 

10. Once you are added to the UK Domain Spinner, changes to your URL, Logo, 20-word description or price point can be made anytime throughout the month. Please complete this form to make the change and it will be actioned within two working days following submission. 

11. The order in which spinner registrars appear following a domain search is randomised with an even weighting given to all spinner registrars.  

12. Nominet reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions and to the method employed to display registrar details on the UK Domain spinner from time to time subject only to two weeks’ notice of any such changes. 

13. The UK Domain spinner is one of the ways Nominet works with Accredited Channel Partners to support the awareness and registration of UK domains and Nominet expects registrars to act in good faith in complying with these terms and conditions. Nominet reserves the right to remove any registrar from the spinner in any circumstances where Nominet (acting reasonably) believes that the registrar is not meeting these criteria. 

These terms and conditions are effective from 23rd November 2023.