Webinar: Protecting your small business, customers and data

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar on Tuesday 21st April 2020 at 11am. If you couldn’t join us, you can watch the full recording here. 

How safe are you keeping your customer data?
Are you protecting your business against cyber threats?

Whether you’re running a personal training business or an online shop, keeping your customers and your business assets safe online is essential. From data protection to phishing, GDPR and hacking, there’s a lot to get your head around.

That’s why we partnered with the trusted standard in data protection, iCaaS, to bring you a webinar complete with an expert panel to share trusted advice and insightful tips on how you can protect your small business, customers and their data.

Featuring CEO and Co-Founder of iCaaS, Nicola Hartland, GDPR expert from iCaaS, Megan Kane, Nominet’s CISO, Cath Goulding and Joseph Garbett, Managing Director of cyber security company OxSec and ethical hacker.

We covered:
  • How vulnerable your website and data are to cyber-attacks
  • What small businesses need to know about GDPR
  • How GDPR applies to your business and why data protection is so important
  • What you’re responsible for when it comes to data protection and processing
  • Easy cyber security tips to help protect your business and customers online

Watch the full recording of the webinar here.

The Panel

Nicola Hartland. CEO and Co-Founder of iCaaS   

Nicola is a dynamic leader with a proven track record in business. As a serial entrepreneur, she has a talent for identifying how businesses can reach and exceed their business objectives. She is regularly asked to speak at conferences and exhibitions and has previously been awarded The Role Model Award at the Woman in Business awards presented by Baroness Michelle Mone, and has been a finalist in Entrepreneur of the Year and Business Person of the Year. 

Megan Kane. GDPR Expert & Head of Client Services at iCaaS 

Megan Kane is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable GDPR Practitioner who has delivered educational GDPR-focused seminars across the UK for many brands including Barclays, Santander, Peninsula and IRIS.

With a true grasp of the real-world application of the GDPR, Megan works with companies of all sizes to help deploy achievable GDPR strategies and targets. As one of the youngest GDPR Practitioners in Europe, Megan continues to work within the compliance arena, speaking at events and hosting webinars throughout 2020.

Cath Goulding. CISO at Nominet 

Cath has 19 years’ experience in the cyber security profession having worked for both UK Government and the private sector. A thought leader in her field, she frequently speaks at security and internet conferences and has provided articles and comments for multiple publications. Her career was profiled in the Financial Times and she has appeared on the BBC multiple times. 

Cath currently works as Chief Information Security Officer for Nominet UK, the internet company best known for running the ‘dot.uk’ registry and therefore critical to internet operations in the UK.  

Joseph Garbett. Managing Director of OxSec and ethical hacker 

Joseph by day is digital entrepreneur covering cyber and web, by night an ethical hacker helping tech businesses keep their customers safe and at heart is a digital engineer who loves building platforms.  

Along with the businesses, Joseph tries to engage with as many people as possible through public speaking to raise awareness of the cyber security challenge we all face, with a number of talks under his belt including a TedX talk, through business networks and has been commissioned by a number of leading cyber security companies, banks and trading platforms to educate in-house staff and demonstrate real world hacking.