Can I switch the registrar I have my domain name registered through?

If you are thinking of switching your registrar, we recommend you contact your existing registrar as they should be able to do this for you. 

If you have already chosen your new registrar, check their website to find out whether you need to set up an account with them before moving the domain name over, or in some cases, the new registrar may need to approve and accept your request.

If you have yet to choose a new registrar, see our ‘Find advice on choosing a new registrar guide’.

If your current registrar is unable to complete the move for you, you can move your domain name to a new registrar using our Nominet Online Services. Please note there is a single transaction fee to switch to a new registrar of £10 plus VAT, even if you’re moving more than one domain name in the transaction.


The following video will guide you through the steps to switching your registrar:

To log into your Nominet Online Services account, you will need to use the current admin contact email address and password. Visit our forgotten password or first time logging in link to reset this if needed. 

For quick reference, you can also follow the steps below:

Once logged in to your Nominet Online Services account, select the domain name(s) you wish to assign to a new registrar, by ticking on the white box to the left of the domain name.

Choose the ‘Change Registrar’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Please read the information given under the Registrar Change Request section and check that the correct domain name(s) is selected.

Enter the new registrars name or ‘TAG’ details in the ‘New Registrar’s Details’ section (you may need to get this from your new provider beforehand).

You will then be asked for your invoice and payment details.

Once you’ve completed the process, your domain name will move over to your new registrar. You can also check that a domain has successfully moved by visiting our domain name lookup tool. 

Some registrars may have what we call a ‘handshake’ enabled. This means they must manually accept your domain name(s) onto their system. Should you not see a change in your registrar after 10 minutes, please contact your new registrar directly. A registrar has up to 5 days to accept your domain name(s), otherwise your request will time out and an automatic refund will be issued, meaning you’ll need to start the process again.


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