Co-Marketing Terms and Conditions

Co-Marketing Terms and Conditions

Ellie Sanmogan

Ellie Sanmogan
5th May 2022

Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Standard Terms”) form part of and should be read in conjunction with any offer letter (“Offer Letter”) issued by NOMINET.

2. You agree that you must use the NOMINET funds for the project/co-marketing activity you applied for and for the purpose set out in the approved application and Offer Letter. At no time, can you make any material changes to the project/ co-marketing activity described in the approved application without the prior written consent of NOMINET.

3. You must inform NOMINET in advance of any other marketing activity, including other TLD activity, running parallel to the project/co-marketing activity.

4. The NOMINET funds shall be paid to you to your account with NOMINET. The payment of the Nominet funds is conditional upon the completion of the project/co-marketing activity and your submission of proof of expenditure to us, including all relevant invoices.

5. You acknowledge that the Offer Letter and any other information obtained from NOMINET or exchanged between us in connection with this transaction (“the Confidential Information”) is and shall remain strictly confidential. You shall not disclose to any third party or make public the Confidential Information without NOMINET’s prior written consent.

6. You will not make any press release nor make any public announcements regarding this transaction without the prior written approval of NOMINET.

7. You will be required to supply NOMINET with regular progress reports as reasonably required, together with any further financial information or other information that may be deemed necessary by NOMINET to monitor the NOMINET investment expenditure.

8. You will be required to comply with monitoring arrangements as may be reasonably required by NOMINET in relation to the project/co-marketing activity and to provide NOMINET with any information as may be reasonably required to establish that the project/activity has been completed properly in accordance with the Offer Letter.

9. NOMINET shall have no obligation to provide any funding and NOMINET does not accept any liability for any costs you incur where any of these Standard Terms are breached.