The UK Domain Spinner

The UK Domain Spinner

Zoe Brown

Zoe Brown
4th December 2020

The UK Domain website offers an online comparison tool (known as the spinner) where registrants can search for available UK domain names and view a selection of accredited registrars who they can purchase their new domain with. Registrants can also filter the results based on services offered such as website builder packages or hosting to find the best partner for their new domain purchase.

Domain Extensions

We drive some considerable traffic to this site, and this is something that our Accredited Channel Partners can benefit from.

If you are not currently ACP accredited you can find more information here.

For each of the registrars on the spinner we display their logo, a brief description, their current price point and have a link through to a dedicated landing page.

We are happy to work with our registrars on the ‘spinner’ to optimise their individual customer journey.

We randomise the registrar search results, weighting all registrars on our spinner evenly, this means the order of registrars displayed once a domain search has taken place will be random each time.


View terms and conditions for the UK Domain spinner 

You can request to be added to our ‘spinner’ here 

Spinner updates

If you already have a spinner profile with us and would like to make updates to this such as update your logo or add additional services please complete the spinner update form.