I have received a data validation request; how do I update?

If you have received an email from us or from your registrar (hosting company) to advise that we have not been able to validate your details, it is worth checking what is recorded against your domain’s registration first. You can check this with your registrar or within your Nominet Online Services account.

If you haven’t logged into your Nominet Online Services account before, please refer to our handy guide on ‘How do I access my Nominet Online Services Account?’

Below is a short recording we’ve produced to guide you through the process of validating your details:

It is important that you record your contact details as a full legal entity, with a correct postal address that can be validated against a public data source. In some cases, if we or your registrar cannot automatically validate your information via a data source, we may need to request further documentation - this might be in the form of identification, or a company certificate. If your registrar is an Accredited Registrar, they should be able to validate your details. To check if your Registrar is an ‘Accredited’ please search our registrar list. Once a registration is validated, this will show on our Nominet WHOIS.

For quick reference, you can follow the process below:

Log into your Nominet Online Services account

Select the downward arrow to the right-hand side of your domain name

Click on the ‘edit’ button under ‘registrant’ to amend your name, registrant type, trading name or company number

Click on the ‘edit’ button under ‘contact’ to amend your contact name, email address, phone number, postal address

Choose the ‘update details’ button

Any changes to a registrant name may need to be approved by someone at Nominet who will manually validate the registration. If further information or documentation is needed, we will contact you.

Please note that domain names are email address specific so if you change your email address the domain will then disappear from your account and you will need to set a password to go with your new email address to log in and view your domain name.


If not, you can contact our dedicated UK based support team for more information.
For general enquiries, send an email to nominet@nominet.uk or call us on
+44 (0)1865 332244
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