How do I update my contact details?

If you find that you need to change any of your contact information, please do this through your registrar – they’ll be able to update the details we hold for you in our registry.

If you’re unsure who your registrar is, you can check this by using our domain name lookup tool where you should be able to find their contact information 

If you’re having issues accessing your registrar account and urgently need to update your details, you can update your details directly with us using Nominet Online Services. For support logging into your Nominet Online Services account go to ‘How to access my Nominet Online Services account?.

Changes could include minor corrections or alterations to the current registrant name, such as correcting spelling mistakes. Examples might be a change to an individual’s name through marriage or deed poll change, or changes to a company name where the company’s registration number remains the same. Any changes you make to a registrant name will need to be approved by someone at Nominet, so please include the reasons for the update. 

You can also update other basic information such as your contact name, phone number, postal address and your email address.

It is important that you record your contact details correctly and provide a full legal entity for us to validate your contact details against public data sources. 

If you use Nominet Online Services to update your details, you’ll need to get in touch with your registrar to make sure they have your updated details too.

If you are changing the registrant name completely to a different person or company, for example you have sold your business or domain name to someone else, then you need to follow the Registrant Transfer process instead 

We’ve produced a short recording to guide you through the process:

To log into your Nominet Online Services account, you will need to use the current admin contact email address and password. Visit our forgotten password or first time logging in link to reset this if needed. 

For quick reference, you can follow the process below:

Firstly, login to your Nominet Online Services account

Once logged in to your Nominet Online Services account, select the downward arrow to the right-hand side of your domain name.

Click on the ‘edit’ button under ‘registrant’ to amend your name, registrant type, trading name or company number.

Click on the ‘edit’ button under ‘contact’ to amend your contact name, email address, phone number and/or postal address.

Choose the ‘update details’ button.

Any changes to a registrant name will need to be approved by someone at Nominet who will manually validate the registration along with the ID you will have been asked to submit.

Please note that domain names are email address specific so if you change your email address the domain name will then disappear from your account and you will need to set a password to go with your new email address to log in and view your domain name. 


If not, you can contact our dedicated UK based support team for more information.
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