What happens if I don’t renew my domain name by the expiry date? 

If your registrar does not renew your domain name with us before the expiry date, we’ll send an email to the contact email address held against the domain name.

The email will contain your registrar’s contact details, so you can contact them about renewing your domain name.

If you’re within 30 days of your expiry date, there’s no need to panic – you still have time to renew your domain name before it is cancelled.

If you no longer have access to the email you registered your domain with, please follow the steps to What do I do if I've lost access to my email account to re-establish your identity.



Your expiry date it the anniversary date that you registered or renewed your domain on. If you don't know the expiry date for your domain it can be found on our Nominet WHOIS lookup tool.


All services continue to function. This is to allow plenty of time for the registrant to arrange the renewal of the domain.

31st DAY

The domain name is suspended. Any services like website or email temporarily stop working.

FURTHER 60 DAYS (up to day 90)

The domain will remain registered but suspended.


The domain name will be placed into a cancellation schedule. The domain will then be deleted sometime within 24 hours.

If you are outside of the 30-day grace period, we’ll suspend the domain name.

This means all services that use that domain name, such as your website and email, will stop working. We’ll send you a suspension warning 7 days before this happens, and we’ll also send you a suspension notice when it takes place, unless your registrar has opted you out of receiving these. It’s still possible to renew your domain during this time.


If after a further 60 days (up to day 90), your domain has still not been renewed it will enter the cancellation schedule.

We’ll send you one final reminder to renew your domain 83 days after the expiry date. As this is just 7 days before your domain is scheduled for cancellation, you’ll have to act quickly if you wish to renew it at this last stage. Any renewal up to day 90 will be back dated to the original expiry date (which is the anniversary of your original domain registration date).


Once cancelled, the domain name will become instantly available to others who may wish to re-register it.

You can check the renewal status of your domain name by going to our WHOIS page. Here you will be able to find up-to-date information about all domains ending in .UK, including the expiry date.


If you're unsure who your registrar is or how to contact them, you can use the Nominet WHOIS lookup tool to find this out.
Use the Nominet WHOIS lookup tool