Why should I set up a Nominet Online Services account?

Nominet Online Services is a tool designed to help you manage your .UK ending domain name(s) all in one central location. The account may be particularly useful to you if you are struggling to get hold of your registrar (the company who looks after your domain name for you), or if they are unable to action something on your behalf.

In the first instance, however, we would always recommend that you contact your registrar to see if they are able to action the below for you. If you’re unsure who your registrar is, you can check this by using our domain lookup tool where you should be able to find their contact details.

Although it can be done we would recommend that you set up your Nominet Online Services account as soon as you have registered your domain name (see below information on how to set up your account).

Within your Nominet Online Services account, you can do the following:

How to set up your account?

To activate your Nominet Online Services account, you’ll need access to the email address you used to register your domain name. If you no longer have access to this email, take a look at our FAQ: What do I do if I’ve lost access to my email account?

Once you have access to the registered email address, visit our first time logging in link to generate an email which will allow you to create a password for your account.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our team at domainsupport@nominet.uk or call us on +44 (0) 330 236 9470 and we will generate a password reset email for you.

Please note we won’t be able to send the password reset email to any address other than the one listed in your registration details.

Your Nominet Online Services account is email specific. This means that you must login with the contact email address that is registered to your domain name(s). If you have multiple domain names registered to the same email address, they will all appear within your account, regardless of the registrar they are registered with.

If you are having issues accessing your account, take at look at How do I access my Nominet Online Services account? for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


If not, you can contact our dedicated UK based support team for more information.
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